My great-great-great grandfather was Israel ALEXANDER (1792-1876), a Tailor. He was born in Poland. He married Hannah LYONS (1796-1871) in 1813 in Poznan, Prussia. They subsequently emigrated to London, England, where their 7 children were born between 1817 & 1838.  The children were : Raphael (c.1817/9-1882), Godfrey (1820-1900), Abraham Edward (1823-1908), Morris (1825-1910), Samuel (1827-1911), Michael (1831-?) & Rosa (1838-after 1888).

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Miriam (Levy) and Godfrey ALEXANDER

The second son, Godfrey ALEXANDER, was my great-great grandfather. He migrated to Port Phillip, Victoria, Australia to join his brother, Raphael in c.1837 and they opened Draper's shops.  He married Miriam LEVY (1834-1911) in Geelong,Vic, AUS, in 1850 & they had 11 children : Sarah (1851-1930), Samuel (1853-1935), Louis Godfrey (1855-1924) & Leah (1857-1924) born in Geelong, Vic, then Rose (1859-1912) & Emmanuel (1861-?) born in Collingwood, Melbourne, Vic, followed by Hannah (1863-1906), Sidney John (1865-1927), Eveline (1868-1878), Abraham Ernest (1871-1936) & Ida Esther (1873-1932) born in Sydney, NSW.  Godfrey moved to Sydney in c.1863 and he became Sydney's first Chiropodist. 

Their 3rd child, Louis Godfrey ALEXANDER, a Photographer, was my great grandfather. He married Martha Millie MOORE (1863-1940) in Sydney in 1882 and they had 13 children : Percy Louis Godfrey (1884-1958) & Ruby Millicent (1885-1959) born in Roma, Queensland, then Ivy Rose (1887-1892), Irene Lillian (1889-1971), Sydney Archibald (1891-1969), Evelyn Doris (1893-1894), Louis (1894-1924), Leslie Norman (1896-1967), Maurice Gordon (1897-1916), Ivy Edna (1900-1964), Godfrey (1901-1976), Rota (Bob) Matangi (1903-1977) & Evelyn Miriam (1906-1973) born in Sydney, NSW.
Their eldest child, Percy Louis Godfrey ALEXANDER, was my grandfather.

RELATED SURNAMES : Levy, Lyons, Moore, Smith, Weir

RELATED PLACES : Collingwood, Geelong, London, Melbourne, Poland, Portland, Port Phillip, Poznan, Prussia, Roma, Sydney  

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