My great-great grandmother, Miriam LEVY, was born in London, England in 1834 and died in Sydney, NSW, Australia in 1911.  She married Godfrey ALEXANDER in 1850 at Geelong, Victoria, Australia, where he had a Draper's shop.  They moved to Sydney in c.1863 and Godfrey became Sydney's first Chiropodist.

They had 11 children : Sarah (1851-1930), Samuel (1853-1935), Louis Godfrey (1855-1924) & Leah (1857-1924) born in Geelong, Vic, then Rose (1859-1912) & Emmanuel (1861-?) born in Collingwood, Melbourne, Vic, followed by Hannah (1863-1906), Sidney John (1865-1927), Eveline (1868-1878), Abraham Ernest (1871-1936) & Ida Esther (1873-1932) born in Sydney, NSW.

Miriam  LEVY was the daughter of  Samuel Michael LEVY & Sarah SIMMONS (1790-1883). Sarah was the daughter of Jacob SIMMONS & Leah ZACHARIAH.

Miriam's other siblings were : John (1830s-pre 1883), Michael Samuel (1831-1894 ) & Samuel (1834-1892).

RELATED SURNAMES : Alexander, Simmons, Zachariah

RELATED PLACES : Geelong, London, Sydney

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