My great-great grand-father, Thomas Girvan WEIR, was born in Belfast, Ireland in 1832.  His father was a John King WEIR and his mother, Margaret Ann GIRVAN, also presumably born nearby.  Another child was John King WEIR (1835-1902).

Thomas Girvan emigrated to NSW, Australia, as a Miner in about 1850, then became a National (later Public) School Teacher in the goldfield towns of Lambing Flat & Hill End in NSW in 1860-1880’s period.  He also ran a Cordial factory in Hill End for several years but returned to school teaching at Pyramul, Cobbora, Gregra & Sydney.

Thomas Girvan WEIR

He married Mary Ann HOWELL in 1858 at Windeyer, near Mudgee, NSW & had 12 children : John King (1859-1910) & Laurence (1860-1932)  born at Windeyer near Mudgee, NSW, then Thomas Girvan (1861-1909), William (1863-1957) & Lewis (1865-1886) born at Lambing Flat (Young), NSW, followed by Mary Alice (1867-1950) born at Bombala, NSW, with Harry George Tovey (1869-1940) & Robert Hill (1872-1930) born at Young, NSW, followed by Frederick Gilbert (1874-1875), Matilda Margaret (1876-1877), Samuel Ernest (1878-1945) & May (1880-1964) born at Hill End, NSW.

The 3rd child, another Thomas Girvan WEIR, a Railway Guard, was my great grandfather and he married Katherine KENNY (1862-1935) in 1887 at Dubbo, NSW.  

They had 5 children : Mabel Alice (1888-1964) born at Nyngan, NSW, Linda May (1889-1966) born at Wellington, NSW, Harry Girvan (1891-1913) born at Dubbo, NSW, Ruby Myrtle (my grandmother)(1894-1957) born at Cobar, NSW & Agnes Ina (1897-1972) born at Wellington, NSW.

The other brother, John King WEIR (1835-1902), a Goldminer & Hotel Keeper, married Alice Ann JOHNSON (1846-1927) in 1863 at Tambaroora near Hill End, NSW.

They had 10 children : Margaret Louisa Ann (1864-1903), David Francis King (1865-1953), Alice Emily (b.1867), Lilian Lane Bassett (b.1870) & John King (1872-1939) born at Tambaroora, NSW, followed by Norman Claude (1874-1875), Walter George (1876-1893), Sarah Ethel Kate Johnson (b.1877), Alfred Leslie (b.1879) & Florence May (b.1881) born at Hill End, NSW.

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RELATED PLACES : Belfast, Cobar, Dubbo, Hill End, Lambing Flat, Mudgee, Nyngan, Wellington, Young

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